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Conference Chaos

What is going on? I don’t pay that close attention to the NCAA conferences, but everyone is changing. Who can tell us what’s going on? I’m afraid Nebraska in the Big Ten (with twelve teams? and that’s college math?) and the Aggies of Texas in the SEC, and the Big East … what in the [Read More…]

Christianity and Higher Education (RJS)

John Fea, chair of the History Department at Messiah College, blogs at The Way of Improvement Leads Home and contributes weekly to the evangelical portal at patheos with a column Confessing History. His column last week addressed the question of Christian higher education and explored what this may mean and how it is to be [Read More…]

Politics and Religion, the American Odyssey

American politicians, if they want to get elected at the national stage, prove themselves Christians or worthy of the vote of Christians. Many argue that without that element as a fixture in the campaign ideology, no one can become America’s president. American religious leaders, too, mirror this issue. Their preaching and teaching and overall message [Read More…]