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Who will speak up?

In our country we have plenty of discussions about religious tolerance, and it can be said that many today are much more tolerant of non-Christian faiths than of traditional Christian faiths. But even if there is some imbalance in the USA, we are committed to religious tolerance. I believe in and defend religious tolerance in [Read More…]

Muslims, Christians and War

I’ve been wondering who would first say this. The jig is up, it’s been said and it’s now time to discuss it. Lee Camp, a prof at Lipscomb University in Nashville and the creator of Tokens, a wonderful Garrison Keillor-like show in Nashville, has a courageous new book. It’s called Who Is My Enemy?: Questions [Read More…]

Two Smacks Max 4

I don’t move in circles that discuss corporal punishment much, whether the discussion is about the home or in society. So I would like to know what you believe about corporal punishment in society as a result of breaking laws. And the major question here that we want to address is How do we make [Read More…]