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Late Night Laugh

Oh, my, only Geeding finds this stuff. [Read more…]

Reverse Offering

What do you think of this? A New Jersey church turned the traditional money collection part of the service on its head with a “reverse offering” this weekend. When the Liquid Church passed around its popcorn-bucket collection baskets, people were told to take an envelope with the words “God Trusts You” on them. Each envelope [Read More…]

Finding Calcutta 3: Sin and the Supernatural (RJS)

We are in the middle of short series on Mary Poplin’s thought provoking book Finding Calcutta: What Mother Teresa Taught Me About Meaningful Work and Service. This is not a science and faith book – and it is a welcome respite from some of the more “academic” questions we discuss on this blog. Dr. Poplin’s [Read More…]

Community and Small Groups 1

Forces are at work in late modernity’s culture to make us yearn for community (koinonia) and that at the same time prevent us from participating in community. Hence, the rise of the small group movement. Yet, for all the efforts put into small groups, it is not entirely convincing that small groups are creating the [Read More…]