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Hillbilly Ten Commandments

From Chris Morgan, swiped from Google+. [Read more…]

Saturday Book Review: Joe Canner

Joe Canner, who did a good series for us on the economic crisis, here turns to Lee Camp’s book and the Muslim relations at work in international peace. For the past few weeks, Scot has been going through Who Is My Enemy?: Questions American Christians Must Face about Islam–and Themselves, by Lee C. Camp, and [Read More…]

So, What’s for Breakfast?

Sheesh, this report shows that most breakfast cereals are unhealthy … or something like that. So, what should we have for breakfast? Let’s hear from the food folks. [Read more…]

Weekly Meanderings

Brad Wright: “With presidential elections coming up, we’ll hear a lot more about every aspect of politics, including its link to religion—especially Christianity.  I would like to step back and ask a very simple question: Is it possible to derive a distinct political position or affiliation from the tenets of the Bible?  My answer is [Read More…]