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Lusting for Certainty?

Quite the piece by by Julian Baggini: For instance, Mark Vernon has borrowed from John Habgood (with full credit, of course) the phrase “the lust for certainty” to help explain what is wrong both with belief and unbelief. This is supposed to capture a malaise, perhaps contemporary, perhaps perennial, in which human beings crave fixed and [Read More…]

Jeff Goldberg, a Jew: “Mormonism isn’t Christianity”

Jeff Goldberg thinks he needs to step into this “is Mormonism Christianity?” issue: One reason why is that Mormonism isn’t, in fact, Christian. Today’s Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints doesn’t resemble a cult in any meaningful way. But its relationship to Christianity is similar to Christianity’s relationship to Judaism…. Just so we’re clear, [Read More…]

The Three “J’s” in the Gospel Debate

Some people are a bit baffled when they hear there is a gospel debate today. Others, and this is no surprise to the readers of this blog, know that many debates actually end up discovering that at the bottom of this debate is the gospel, or how we understand the gospel. Some mainline organizations break [Read More…]

Community and Small Groups 4

The fundamental thesis at work in Theresa Latini’s new book, The Church and the Crisis of Community: A Practical Theology of Small-Group Ministry, is this: “The crisis of community [in late modernity] is a wide-open door for the church’s ministry in the world” (93). In other words, the crack-up of community we have witnessed over [Read More…]