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Wi-Fi in Hotels

Gulliver, at The Economist, on what’s happening with wi-fi in hotels. How about you, are you experiencing slower reception and connectivity? A PIECE in the New York Times earlier in the week explained why Wi-Fi connectivity in hotels has been getting slower of late. It seems the runaway success of tablet computers has created an army of [Read More…]

Seasonal Affective Disorder

From The Atlantic, by Alice G. Walton: The days are growing shorter and colder in the Northern hemisphere. And some people are feeling gloomier. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is the seasonal depression that affects between six percent and 10 percent of the population generally during the winter months. Though many people may feel a bit [Read More…]

For and Against Calvinism 7

Did Jesus Christ die for everyone, from Adam to the last person ever born, or did Christ die only for the elect? Calvinism, or at least most of it, teaches what is called “limited atonement” or “particular redemption.” In other words, the mission of Jesus Christ’s death was to secure an atonement for those who [Read More…]

New/Old Perspective on Justification 4

The New Perspective argues that since Judaism was not a works religion, Paul was not opposing “works” righteousness. If everything in the old perspective flows out of the view that humans are merit-striving and if everything flows from a gospel that assaults human striving by replacing it with grace and faith, and if the new [Read More…]