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Single-Sex Education, Co-Education?

The evidence, according to this team of researchers, is that co-education is superior to single-sex education. What are your thoughts? Feminists tend to be of two minds about single-sex schooling. One group thinks single-sex classes are wonderful (for girls) because they provide a protected environment in which girls can learn without playing dumb to attract [Read More…]

Shane Hipps on Rob Bell on Hell

Shane Hipps, now the teaching pastor at Mars Hill, talks about the afterlife: As a Christian who believes in the Bible and Jesus, I have found the intensity and certainty of the debate all very bizarre. It’s strange that so much passion and ink has been spilled over something that is all speculation. Here’s what [Read More…]

Simply Jesus 1

Tom Wright belongs in a line of only a few noble UK scholars who have the capacity to write about complexities with clarity and simplicity, without turning the whole thing into some kind of limp populism. That line of UK scholars includes William Barclay and C.H. Dodd. I’d like to include C.F.D. Moule but I [Read More…]

Gospel and Rhetoric

A theme that was not developed at length in The King Jesus Gospel, but which could have been, is how gospel rhetoric works. How do we “present” or “explain” or “preach” the gospel? Where do we begin? Do we begin with God as utterly holy and perfect and demanding total perfection to enter into his [Read More…]