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Today’s Voting on Personhood

By Susan Young: Can science prove when “personhood” begins? “When do you believe life begins?” Johnny DuPree, Democratic candidate for governor of Mississippi, asked during a public debate on 14 October. The question was rhetorical, and DuPree’s answer — not a surprise in one of the most socially conservative US states — was the same as [Read More…]

That Old Religion vs. Science Dichotomy

Keith Ward thinks clearly and writes clearly, and this piece is a good example: Julian Baggini raises the question of whether religion and science are compatible. But, as he implies, that question is too generally phrased to be helpful. We need to ask if particular religious and scientific claims conflict, or whether they are mutually supportive [Read More…]

Anointed? … Evangelicals and Authority 2 (RJS)

I recently received, courtesy of the publisher, a copy of the new book The Anointed: Evangelical Truth in a Secular Age by Randall Stephens, an associate professor of history at Eastern Nazarene College and Karl Giberson, formerly a professor of Physics at Eastern Nazarene. Giberson has now moved on to concentrate on a number of [Read More…]

The Evolution of Adam (Pete Enns)

This post is by Pete Enns, and it is taken from his blog at Patheos and re-posted here. Last week I spoke to a gathering of pastors from the NY Metro presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of America on the problem of evolution and Adam. This topic is a particularly pressing problem for this denomination, [Read More…]