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This Just In

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Coffee, Five Senses

Did you see this by Giorgio Milos? Have I mentioned Intelligentsia lately? OK, coffee buffs, what’s the best coffee you’ve tasted? My Top Five: Intelligentsia, Chestnut Hill, DoubleShot, Five Senses [Perth area], Stumptown. Coffee is extremely complex chemically and physically, each green bean containing around 500 aromatic and flavor components. And that’s just for starters. [Read More…]

Why Would Anyone Not?

I can’t understand any business not opting for this, but so far only about 33% have said they’d drop insurance coverage when the new National Insurance (Obamacare) begins … and this, my friend, will be the moment when America becomes a national health care country. Three years before the new health care law takes full [Read More…]

Pacifism vs. Christology (by T)

Pacifism or Christology? We’ve had several good discussions here lately which were triggered by Who Is My Enemy?: Questions American Christians Must Face about Islam–and Themselves, by Lee C. Camp.  Those conversations, though, left me thinking we had paid insufficient attention to the core issues underneath Christian pacifism debates, and perhaps not just in these [Read More…]

For and Against Calvinism 8

In high Calvinism God predestines the elect to salvation and the non-elect to damnation. Some Calvinists do not believe in double predestination; instead they believe in “single” predestination. Roger Olson, however, argues (along with many Calvinists) that single predestination necessarily entails double predestination. Then Olson probes into the doctrine to say it makes a mockery [Read More…]