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The Top 50 NCAA Male Basketball Players

Who would you remove from this list? Who would you add? The Top 50 NCAA men’s basketball players of all time … OK, it’s not easy, but anyone who puts JJ Redick that high and omits Calvin Murphy, Charlie Scott, Cazzie Russell, Bill Russell, George Mikan — and includes Adam Morrison, Steve Alford — well, [Read More…]

Public School Teachers and their Pay

From The Atlantic by Jordan Weissmann: What do you think? I say they are underpaid in the cities, well paid in the suburbs, and woefully underpaid in the smaller communities outside the suburbs, that is, in more rural communities. American public school teachers are paid far more than their smarts are worth. That’s the provocative [Read More…]

Stress and the Jesus Creed (RJS)

A frequent reader sent me a link recently to a series of YouTube videos from a PBS special describing a body of research exploring the link between stress and human health (HT JG). One of the featured studies is a 30 year field study of a troop of baboons in Kenya led by Professor Robert [Read More…]

Community and Small Groups 5

The fundamental thesis at work in Theresa Latini’s new book, The Church and the Crisis of Community: A Practical Theology of Small-Group Ministry, is this: “The crisis of community [in late modernity] is a wide-open door for the church’s ministry in the world” (93). In other words, the crack-up of community we have witnessed over [Read More…]