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Weekly Meanderings

Thom Rainer has plotted the typical life of a pastor (if there is such a thing). Alongside Thom Rainer, read Theo’s ponderings on a “calling.” Late prayers for a tragic situation at ACU — so sad. Preaching is way too sacred for this. Brad’s using “plagiarize” in a way I wouldn’t, I think sermons ought [Read More…]

War and Morality

By Samuel Brittan at Financial Times: If I intentionally kill another person I will be subject to a long term of imprisonment or even, in some jurisdictions, the death penalty. But if I kill 1,000 people, I might receive a medal; or if a million, I might be promoted to field marshal or even president, [Read More…]

College Tuition Debts

I have a proposal to make, and I welcome your comments. The current system of college tuition debts is both unacceptable and systemically unjust. Here’s how it works: 1. Banks make loans to 18-22+ college students without risk since students cannot default on the loans. I’m for folks not going default, but risk-free loans are [Read More…]

New/Old Perspective on Justification 5

The New Perspective argues that since Judaism was not a works religion, Paul was not opposing “works” righteousness. If everything in the old perspective flows out of the view that humans are merit-striving and if everything flows from a gospel that assaults human striving by replacing it with grace and faith, and if the new [Read More…]