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The First Annoying Vegan

Last night, after finding what I thought was a funny cartoon about vegans, I posted the same cartoon and the response was way more than I expected. So tonight I post another cartoon that does the same. (By the way, I’m neither vegan nor anti-vegan, but I do find their zeal for what they believe [Read More…]

Women Bishops

From Reuters: (Reuters) – The Church of England’s dioceses, or regions, have voted in favour of consecrating female bishops, campaigners said on Sunday, clearing one hurdle in a long legislative battle to let women break through the “stained glass ceiling.” Only two of the Church’s 44 dioceses voted against the draft legislation, easily securing the [Read More…]

Tattoos, Intelligent

Fascinating little piece, with lots of pics, of tattoos with a theme of science. And Tim Dalrymple, linking to Matt Anderson, had a post about tats recently. It’s been awhile since we have discussed tats, so it’s time to break it out again. What do you think of tats? To tat or not to tat? [Read more…]

The Gospel and Fantasy Christians

Stan Friedman interviewed me about The King Jesus Gospel, and I’m clipping one part. You can read the full interview here. How have evangelicals made the gospel too human-centric? The point is this [gospel] is a story about Jesus and we’ve made it into our personal happiness plan. It’s like when we root for our [Read More…]

The Evolution of Adam (Pete Enns) 2

This post is by Pete Enns. In my last post, we looked at some options for how to bring Adam and evolution into conversation. Today, we begin to look at the factors that have to be addressed when building a “model.” A model is a way of “putting the pieces” together that accounts for as [Read More…]

Simply Jesus 2

Deep in the heart of Judaism in the centuries leading up to Jesus was a dual conviction: that God had elected Israel as creation-restoring agents and, right next to this, the manifold brokenness of creation and Israel and the Land and the priests and the Temple. What sustained their hope? One Story: the Exodus. They [Read More…]