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Obama: A Man Before His Time?

If this article by Evan Selinger and Thomas Seager from Slate is accurate, it may well prove that President Obama’s progressive economic and health policies are a decade or more ahead of his time. Does the inclination by the next generation to act more collectively indicate that the USA will become increasingly more progressive and [Read More…]

Americans and their Universities

From the NYRB: American universities crowd the tops of many world rankings, and though these ratings are basically entertainment for university administrators and alumni, they do reflect certain facts. A number of American universities offer their faculty salaries and working conditions, laboratories and libraries that few institutions elsewhere can match. They spend more not only [Read More…]

Anointed? … Evangelicals and Authority 3 (RJS)

I recently received, courtesy of the publisher, a copy of the new book The Anointed: Evangelical Truth in a Secular Age by Randall Stephens, an associate professor of history at Eastern Nazarene College and Karl Giberson, formerly a professor of Physics at Eastern Nazarene. Giberson has now moved on to concentrate on a number of [Read More…]

Pacifism vs. Christology 2 (by T)

This post is by T, and is the second post in the series that examines who pacifism is connected to how we understand Jesus Christ himself. We’re continuing our discussion of some of the New Testament’s most central themes, attempting to lay a proper, Christological foundation for discussing issues surrounding how Christ’s followers are to [Read More…]