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Joel Green, Editor NICNT

Eerdmans today announced that Joel Green, professor at Fuller and editor par excellence, will be the successor to Gordon Fee as editor of the leading commentary series, the New International Commentary on the New Testament. Eerdmans has made, in my mind, a perfect decision in Joel Green. More on this below. First … a little [Read More…]

Thoughts on Leaving Church

This post is by my friend Josh Graves is about folks leaving the church, and not just 20somethings but 40somethings too: 2. The real issue is being skirted. I think the real cause of disillusionment with church is self-disappointment. Pain birthed anger, now solidified in cynicism and apathy (funny how those two always go together). Frustration with “the church” [Read More…]

The Issue-Driven Church

By Frederick Schmidt: As sociologist Robert Wuthnow observes, the early ’60s continued the emphasis of the ’50s on a spirituality of dwelling and, therefore, church building. But the trends at work in the larger society also gave birth to a spirituality of seeking that had little use for the church at all. Like others, Wuthnow [Read More…]

The End of Sexual Identity

This post is by one of my students, Kellie Carstensen. She and some of her friends routinely meet with me to discuss a variety of ideas, and this review grew from one of our discussions. Upon first glance at the book The END of Sexual Identity by Jenell Williams Paris (professor at Messiah College) the [Read More…]

For and Against Calvinism 9

Michael Horton examines a basic question contested between Calvinists and Arminians: Is the grace of God resistible? Well, he reframes this with what is surely a more accurate framing of the issues into effectual calling rather than “irresistible,” arguing as he does that the latter sounds like coercion. Further, he addresses yet another topic: perseverance [Read More…]