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Did you see this one? Air bags for the iPad? First off, Apple has come up with a solution for keeping the glass on the back of your iDevice from breaking in the event of a fall. Obviously, the simplest solution would be to avoid glass screens altogether, but if glass is going to stay, [Read More…]

Pragmatics vs. Faithfulness

Tim Suttle has raised the old specter of the pragmatic approach (what works to get people into church) vs. the faithfulness approach, and sees the latter as a way to shrink your church. What do you say? Pastors and churches spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year attending conferences, buying books, hiring consultants, advertisers [Read More…]

Is the Sermon on the Mount gospel?

One sort will look at my question and say, “No way!” This sort thinks the Bible has two operative principles. First, we have the Covenant of Works (God is holy; God demands perfection to enter God’s presence; humans have all sinned by nature and by act; therefore, humans are damned; the Sermon on the Mount [Read More…]

Simply Jesus 3

It is Tom Wright’s contention, in his new book Simply Jesus: A New Vision of Who He Was, What He Did, and Why He Matters, that Jewish kingdom movements had two integral features: a battle and the temple. Tom examines those two themes in the Gospel records about Jesus. First, the battle: “it was a [Read More…]