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Church Announcements

Adam Stadtmiller: What is your advice on church announcements? Picture this scene. You’re in your pew. The worship is amazing, almost transcendent. The song ends in a moment of awe-filled silence. It’s just you and God. And then—train wreck; you are catapulted from a state of ethereal wonder to an awkward announcement about the church [Read More…]

When it comes to church and State …

… here’s a problem, a big one in my view. Instead of the State supporting the Church, we’ve got the Church supporting the State! Lobbying in Washington on religious issues has exploded in the last four decades, according to a new study released Monday. The number of groups engaged in “religion-related” advocacy in Washington has [Read More…]

Anointed? … Evangelicals and Authority 4 (RJS)

I recently received, courtesy of the publisher, a copy of the new book The Anointed: Evangelical Truth in a Secular Age by Randall Stephens, an associate professor of history at Eastern Nazarene College and Karl Giberson, formerly a professor of Physics at Eastern Nazarene. Giberson has now moved on to concentrate on a number of [Read More…]

New/Old Perspective on Justification 6

It used to be that in discussing justification there were two discussion partners: the Roman Catholic view and the Protestant view. The former connected forensic declaration with transformation and the latter more or less made justification forensic, leaving transformation for sanctification. While there were always nuances, it is not unfair to simplify the options in [Read More…]