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A Nation of Weird Eaters

Did you see this about us (I mean US[A])? Every company that makes or serves food in America has had to digest the same reality: We’ve become a nation of really weird eaters. We eat what we want, when we want. No more of this breakfast, lunch and dinner stuff. We snack all day. We [Read More…]

Post Turkey Sleepiness?

From Christina Tsuei and Shirley S. Wang: You have seconds on turkey and thirds on stuffing. The top button is unfastened to make room for the pumpkin pie. It is time to step away from the table. This post-meal recovery period is being studied by scientists who are increasingly finding that what happens in the [Read More…]

What’s for Dinner? (RJS)

This is Thanksgiving in the US – time for something light, nothing too involved. Scot has posts up – or coming up – about food … Turkey of course. But fowl fare is nothing new. In the name of science I feel it only appropriate to bring up a much earlier “turkey” dinner. From an [Read More…]