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A Wee Sketch of the Holy Spirit

I swiped this from my friend in Ireland, Patrick Mitchel … it was just too much for our Weekly Meanderings. Last night in our wee church we had our monthly ‘Forum’ on an issue related to the Christian faith. It was my turn to lead and I proposed 6 things and we had a really good [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings

Good Morning! Michael Mercer, “For this I give thanks,” on what makes him grateful for his evangelical past. Nate Stratman, at The Burner, on the pastoral implications on youth for pastors. Tony Jones on a napkin — the top 25 books in Christian history/theology/spiritual formation. Thomas Froese: “KAMPALA, UGANDA—Remember Kienan Hebert, the three-year-old in one [Read More…]