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How Bad Are We?

By David Lahti: When I told my father I was going to Cambridge to give a talk on the question of whether humans were good or bad, he looked at me sternly over his glasses. “You know what the answer is, don’t you?” Total depravity and filthy rags he was hoping I would say of [Read More…]

Save the Girls!

By Anya Kamanetz: Fact is, the desire and the data don’t match up. In the 21st century, there’s a compelling case for girls as the equal–and in some cases, optimal–gender for roles in leadership, innovation, and economic growth. Women excel in education, the most crucial factor in tomorrow’s workforce; we are 56% of undergraduates in [Read More…]

Life of a Pastor

A little while I back I posted a link to Thom Rainer’s proposed sketch of the “life of a pastor” and a pastor-friend of mine wrote me an insightful, substantive letter. I’ve delayed this until today for a simple reason: it’s Monday, it’s the first week of Advent when pastors can often feel like they’ve [Read More…]

Simply Jesus 5

Perhaps the most perplexing issue in the historical Jesus debate of the last two decades was how to make a solid connection between Jesus’ kingdom vision and the crucifixion as an atoning death. How, some of us were asking, do we get from Luke 4:16-30, Jesus’ inaugural kingdom sketch, to Romans 3:21-26? Many historical Jesus [Read More…]