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Asian and Discrimination

This is an important observation, and I became aware of bias against Asians at premier universities way back in the early 90s. Lanya Olmstead was born in Florida to a mother who immigrated from Taiwan and an American father of Norwegian ancestry. Ethnically, she considers herself half Taiwanese and half Norwegian. But when applying to [Read More…]

Tod Bolsinger Responds to Galli

Just saw this by Tod Bolsinger: (oops, I thought this was by Fred Harrell; sorry Tod) And indeed, this is the model that is still advocated by many of my pastoral heroes like Eugene Peterson, whom Galli holds up as the model (see here for another post where I “Dare to Differ with Eugene Peterson”). [Read More…]

Galli Defends the Chaplain

Someone has sketched five kinds of pastors, demeaning what is called the “chaplain” approach, but Mark Galli defends the chaplain kind of pastor. What do you look for first in a pastor? What is the essential gift of the pastor? It’s becoming increasingly common to infer that when a pastor becomes a “chaplain,” the church [Read More…]

A Zacchaeus Christmas

Did you see this one? Some thief entered a local church in Antioch and stole its presents for a charity, the story got out and now… well, read on: A holiday tragedy has turned into a miracle for St. Stephen Lutheran Church in Antioch. Days after news broke that someone had stolen hundreds of dollars [Read More…]

Christmas and the Gospel

A friend of mine, John Frye, sent me these notes on how the gospel emerges in the Christmas story of Luke 2 (and he tied it to Acts 2). LUKE 2 As the events unfold regarding Jesus’ birth in Luke 1 and 2, the angels appear to the shepherds with a declaration of the King Jesus [Read More…]