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Just what the plumber needs

I shall keep this website handy just in case our plumber needs it. [Read more…]

Carville on the Candidates

To be sure, this Carville guy is hardly unbiased, but he’s got some points worth discussing: Is this the worst class of Republican candidates? Are they pandering? Or is Carville just biased? (CNN) — As usual, Professor Paul Krugman’s piece in the Monday morning New York Times is causing a great deal of chatter among the [Read More…]

Fretting Over Phoebe (Mike Bird)

From Mike Bird, who does for Phoebe a bit of what I do for Junia in Junia is Not Alone. Dr. Michael Bird (PhD, University of Queensland) is Lecturer in Theology at Crossway College in Queensland, Australia. His research interests include the Gospel of Mark, Pauline theology, New Testament theology, and evangelical ecclesiology. “I commend [Read More…]

Paul’s Spiritual Vision 1

I’m convinced Pauline scholars and theologians have made Paul uninteresting. Jesus scholars have taken Jesus studies to the top and have made Jesus totally accessible, invigorating, human and (excuse me) relevant. Far too many Pauline scholars have mined the depths of Paul, have examined the intricacies of atonement and justification and soteriology and history but [Read More…]

Calvinism: My History 3

I am reflecting here in a series of posts on how “I changed my mind” about Calvinism and adopted a more Ariminian view of whether or not the Christian can throw away redemption. This journey took through the book of Hebrews, where I suggested we can find four elements to each Warning Passage. Today I [Read More…]