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Patheos Press: A Press Release

Patheos Press Submission Guidelines December 12, 2011 Patheos Press is seeking original, thoughtful, and engaging writing about religion. Our books, which at present are published electronically, cover a wide range of religion and spirituality subjects and feature a wide range of approaches, from academic and journalistic to devotional and personal. Broadly, we are looking for: [Read More…]

Tebow and Faith in Denver

Brad Greenberg, at the Jewish Journal, on Tebow: Just because Tebow has strong religious beliefs that he has not been shy about sharing publicly does not mean that he poses a threat to members of other religious communities. Tebow certainly sees his performance on the gridiron as an opportunity to glorify God but, like Kurt Warner [Read More…]

Women and the Public Reading of Scripture

Anyone who says reading Scripture is a teaching ministry is just making stuff up. Reading is reading and teaching is teaching, and preaching is preaching, and prophesying is prophesying, but reading is not teaching, preaching or prophesying. Women were prophets, women were apostles, women were teachers – this is all in the New Testament. That [Read More…]

Calvinism: My History 4

The Warning Passages of Hebrews, which have vexed both ordinary Christians and professional scholars for centuries, have four elements: the audience, the sin, the exhortation, and the consequences. Today we will look at the exhortation(s). In my own journey, this topic was more critical than I realized, and it is more important of a topic [Read More…]