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Barry Bonds, 30 Days

Barry Bonds was sentenced to 30 days lockdown … in his home … and 2 years probation. Poor guy, he’ll have to stay right here! [Read more…]

Geisler Meets the Ghosts of Christmas

Mercy, this story of Geisler – and others – roasting and toasting Mike Licona, who in a book defending at length the resurrection of Christ went on also to suggest that Matthew 27’s description of saints rising from the dead (and entering Jerusalem) might be apocalyptic and not straightforward history … well, it’s an old [Read More…]

Lowe’s and Muslims

Did you see this? LOS ANGELES – A decision by retail giant Lowe’s Home Improvement to pull ads from a reality show about American Muslims following protests from an evangelical Christian group has sparked criticism and calls for a boycott against the chain. The retailer stopped advertising on TLC’s “All-American Muslim” after a conservative group known [Read More…]

Calvinism: My History 7

What difference does it make, really, to be either Calvinist or Arminian in one’s interpretation of the Warning Passages of Hebrews? There are lots of ways to talk about “difference,” but at the level of concrete Christian living does it make all that much difference? I begin with this observation. It makes a huge difference [Read More…]

Calvinism: My History 6

Everything about the Warning Passages in Hebrews hinges upon the audience: Who are they? Are they believers or not? I begin with this observation: in the history of the Church many have made a distinction between a genuine believer and a nominal believer. I find such categories useful in some contexts. The issue in reading [Read More…]

Book Review Offer: Walsh on Bruce Cockburn

I’m looking for someone who knows Bruce Cockburn to write a review of a new book by Brian J. Walsh on Cockburn: Kicking at the Darkness: Bruce Cockburn and the Christian Imagination Tell me why you would be good to write a review of this book… [Read more…]