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Peter Hitchens on Christopher Hitchens

I am surprised Peter Hitchens, an evangelical Christian, would weigh in on Day One of the death of his famous atheist brother, Christopher Hitchens. In the reflection, Peter wandered from their stormy but mostly pacified and workable relationship to the courage of his brother, a courage Peter admired. Here are some of Peter’s words: There, [Read More…]

America’s God, America’s History

From The Economist: Time to think again about boisterous, sometimes mistaken, views of the founding fathers. Between now and the 2012 presidential election, many pronouncements by the founding fathers—especially but not only on the subject of Christianity—will be parsed and dissected with passion by both sides. Liberals, keen to protect the American variety of secularism [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings

What do you have for me?, asks the penguin. Joel Willitts has a good post reflecting discussions of leaders on what to teach youth. There’s more to it than this, inasmuch as “peer review” means not self-publishing, but the elitism danah points out in the academy is obvious. Rachel Held Evans offers a bold call [Read More…]