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Marriage Declines

From NPR: The share of all U.S. adults who are married has dropped to a record low 51 percent, according to a new report. If the trend continues, the institution will soon lose its majority status in American life. The report being released Wednesday by the Pew Research Center finds new marriages dropped a sharp 5 [Read More…]

Jim Wallis, Fox News, and Christmas

From SoJo, and I agree with Jim Wallis that Fox News’ “defense” of Christmas goes not much deeper than the protection of businesses to use traditional Christian Christmas greetings. Christmas celebrates the humiliation of God in becoming one of us, “who became poor for us so that we might become rich in him,” and our [Read More…]

Paul’s Spiritual Vision 3

Rodney Reeves’ new book, Spirituality according to Paul: Imitating the Apostle of Christ, contends that the way to beat the flesh in this life is to see ourselves as temples, temples of the living God, wherein sacrifices of ourselves are offered to God. The upside of this idea is that Reeves avoids both legalism’s reduction [Read More…]

Justin Holcomb and the Soterian Gospel

Justin Holcomb, at Mars Hill (Seattle), recently posted on What is the gospel? and he offers an excellent example of a soterian gospel (see my King Jesus Gospel for soterian vs. apostolic or Story gospel but in essence the “soterian” gospel reframes the Bible’s narrative into one about a plan for personal salvation). I urge [Read More…]