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Global Warming Sign?

From The Independent by Steve Connor: Dramatic and unprecedented plumes of methane – a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide – have been seen bubbling to the surface of the Arctic Ocean by scientists undertaking an extensive survey of the region. The scale and volume of the methane release has astonished the [Read More…]

Incarnation is the Theme

Pope Benedict XVI provides a template for more to reflect this year on the Incarnation and the virginal conception, a reality that drives the believer to an act of God unlike any other act and the divine-human Son of God. (I’d only add to the Pope’s theme that God chose to become Jewish flesh, a [Read More…]

Science and Theology 3 – A Matter of Time (RJS)

Last week I began a discussion of a recent book by The Rev. Dr. Polkinghorne, Theology in the Context of Science. This is a rather academic book – but the kind of book that someone who wants to move beyond the culture war issues of young earth, old earth, and evolution should find useful. In [Read More…]

Complementarian-Egalitarian Myths (Andrew Wilson)

I wish all could reason as well as Andrew Wilson. Here he sketches common myths propagated by opponents, in this case the Egalitarians (E) and Complementarians (C). I’m unpersuaded these are the best terms, and I’m personally much more in tune with the term “Mutuality” and consider myself a “mutualist,” though I’m quite happy to [Read More…]