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Christmas for Pets

From USAToday: The season of giving inevitably prompts pet lovers (53% of dog owners and 38% of cat owners) to gift their animals, often lavishly, says a survey by the American Pet Products Association. Are some people over-the-top — in an unhealthy way — about their animals? Probably, says Waco, Texas, psychologist Julia Becker. But [Read More…]

Bankers and Hell

From Florence at The Economist, where a sketch of art reveals that the recent assault on bankers is nothing new — in fact, there’s biblical warrant for some of this. DO BANKERS inevitably go to hell? What many people today merely hope will come to pass was for Christians in the early 1400s a matter [Read More…]

A Christmas Story

Susan Donaldson James: Sam Schmid, an Arizona college student believed to be brain dead and poised to be an organ donor, miraculously recovered just hours before doctors were considering taking him off life support. Schmid, a junior and business major at the University of Arizona, was critically wounded in an Oct. 19 five-car accident in Tucson. The 21-year-old’s [Read More…]

The Original Heresy?

What was the original heresy? It’s not false teaching with respect to the Trinity, or perhaps it is. It’s not denial of the deity of Christ, or perhaps it is… Rodney Reeves’ new book, Spirituality according to Paul: Imitating the Apostle of Christ, suggests it is connected to baptism and, in particular, what baptism dramatizes [Read More…]