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About 30 Reasons Not to get a Tat

All I’ve got is a link here, but after wandering through all 36 tattoos my estimate is about 30 of these are good argument against tats! [Read more…]

A Good Question

I got this letter and thought I’d post it here with permission of the letter writer. Hi Scot, Say, got a question. Recently a person inquired with me as to whether I’d perform what they called a “ceremony of commitment”.  These are two elderly people.  Because of medical insurance purposes, they can’t legally marry without [Read More…]

The Five Conundrums of Calvinism

Roger Olson sketches five conundrums — something between contradiction and mystery — in Calvinism, and these conundrums Olson thinks call into question the good name of God. I shall present them as questions. How can God have absolute divine sovereignty and humans be genuinely responsible? How can God determine everything and anything be evil? That [Read More…]