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Liberals Viewing the Illiberals

By Razib Khan: Over the past few days the American media as reacted with some consternation at the fact that it seems likely that Islamist political forces will probably control around two-thirds of the Egyptian legislature. This bloc is divided between a broad moderate element which emerges out of the Muslim Brotherhood, at around ~40 [Read More…]

Are Science and Theology Complementary? (RJS)

We are in the middle of a short series of posts on  a recent book by The Rev. Dr. Polkinghorne, Theology in the Context of Science. This is a rather academic book – but the kind of book that someone who wants to move beyond the culture war issues of young earth, old earth, and [Read More…]

Donald Whitney on Spirituality

What Whitney says here is precisely how all spirituality, and kingdom talk, needs to be focused: I’d like to see a bit more about the creative power of the Spirit and freedom, but his emphasis on spirituality being Christ-shaped and -focused is right. How do you define and understand “spirituality”? As you’ve surely noticed, everyone [Read More…]