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Podcast Pastors

From Trevin Wax’s post as reported at CP: There’s a dangerous trend among Christians today, according to one Christian: Podcast sermons are increasingly replacing real pastorship. “What is dangerous is not listening to podcasts, but thinking that pastoring and shepherding is taking place through this means. There is more to pastoring than the delivery of sermons,” [Read More…]

Testing Scripture 1 (RJS)

Scripture plays a foundational role in the Christian faith on both an individual level and a corporate level. In fact, the centrality of scripture to the Christian faith is hard to argue. It is the self-revelation of God, so Christians believe. Without the Old Testament we would know little or nothing of God’s relationship to [Read More…]

“Social” Justice (Tim King)

Tim King is a former student of mine, works with Jim Wallis, and is pointing out something I would affirm. The word “social” has been added to the word “justice” because “social” has been too often neglected. Having said that, though, I would plead with us to learn to use the word “justice” biblically — [Read More…]