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D.B. Hart on S. Pinker

From First Things, in a review of Steven Pinker’s new book that thinks Enlightenment principles are leading to a decline in violence… well, Hart gets after Pinker and this is how he finishes it off. In the end, what Pinker calls a “decline of violence” in modernity actually has been, in real body counts, a [Read More…]

Do Faith Claims Have a Place? (RJS)

There is an interesting column by Paul Pardi in the Huffington Post: Why Faith Claims Should Be ‘Corrected’: A Professor’s View (HT JT). In this column Pardi discusses a recent article and talk by Professor Peter Boghossian of Portland State University. At the heart of Boghossian’s argument is the idea that students should leave a [Read More…]

The Ancient 99 Percent

From Tim De Chant: Over the last 30 years, wealth in the United States has been steadily concentrating in the upper economic echelons. Whereas the top 1 percent used to control a little over 30 percent of the wealth, they now control 40 percent. It’s a trend that was for decades brushed under the rug [Read More…]