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Pay the Athletes? I say Yes

What about you? Do you think NCAA college athletes should be paid? I say Yes. The notion of amateur status vs. professional status no longer obtains. From Joe Nocera: The hypocrisy that permeates big-money college sports takes your breath away. College football and men’s basketball have become such huge commercial enterprises that together they generate [Read More…]

Movie Attendance in Decline: Why?

Roger Ebert, well-known movie critic: Why are you not going to the movie theater? Box office revenue at movie theaters “lagged far behind 2010,” an article by the AP’s David Germain reports. Partly that was because the year lacked an “Avatar.” Partly because a solid summer slate fell off in the autumn. Germain talks to [Read More…]

Shifting Footings

The complementarians like to shift their footings when it comes to Junia. They want to find some argument on which they can stand to diminish the significance of the woman [Junia]. First, they argued she wasn’t a woman (Junia) but a man (Junias). The evidence disproved them so thoroughly even they gave in (or most [Read More…]

What a letter …

Recently I received this letter from a reader and thought I’d edit it a bit and post it … and it grieves me and it makes me think we’ve got a long way to go, and sometimes I’m just shocked by stuff like this… and I hope you are too … and before you write [Read More…]