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Majors and Employment

From WaPo: [Read more…]

To Scot from Scot: Another Contest

Every year I buy myself a gift, wrap it up, and write on it “To Scot from Scot.” Here is this year’s gift to myself. If you can guess what it is, I will send the same gift to you! Guess away … and I’ll give some clues throughout the day if they are needed [Read More…]

Pietism: What is it?

I was once speaking to an audience of students and professors when a respondent suggested something I had said was “pietistic.” I reacted viscerally to it because for the respondent “pietism” was a slur and evoked such things as individualism, legalism, experientialism, lack of sound theology, and anti-intellectualism, while that respondent thought he was an [Read More…]

Come Let Us Worship (Together)

Do our Christian songs do the job well? Do they tell our story? Do they tell the story of all of us/of each of us? Do they give us memory? Do they tell our future? Do they tell the gospel? Do they tell our experience of the gospel? Do they reflect the Psalms’ complaints or [Read More…]