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My Argument against the Internet

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Bleed into One

Here’s an announcement for those interested in Christian Rock: Bleed into One will be an uncompromising, controversial view of the history as well as the people behind Christian Rock.  The narrative will primarily be told through interviews, archival footage, music video and live performance. Not shying away from criticism of the genre, Bleed Into One [Read More…]

David Gergen on the GOP

I quote: “This is a party that hasn’t yet found its leader.” [Read more…]

Weekly Meanderings

The winter rolls in Father Rob on relationships in our culture. A good reminder. Good news — 42K young adults vow to end slavery. Skye moves from Tim Tebow into issues about hypocrisy. Daniel Kirk on Neo-Orthodoxy’s view of history and the Bible’s depiction and the more conservative inerrantist view. (Makes me wonder if “aspectual” [Read More…]