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Sarah Pulliam Bailey, Jimmy Carter

Nice interview by Sarah Pulliam Bailey with President Jimmy Carter: In what ways did faith impact your presidency? I’ve always been fully committed to separation of church and state. I didn’t permit worship services in the White House as had been done earlier. I was careful not ever to promote my own Christianity as superior [Read More…]

Teaching Strategy

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Newton’s Sins

Here is a list of Isaac Newton’s confessed sins before Whitsunday: BEFORE WHITSUNDAY 1662 Using the word (God) openly Eating an apple at Thy house Making a feather while on Thy day Denying that I made it Making a mousetrap on Thy day Contriving of the chimes on Thy day Squirting water on Thy day [Read More…]

MissioLife: Intergenerational

When I was a little guy there was an old man in our church who had the right word for lots of situations. Here’s one I remember: at Christmas time, our pastor often asked college students to identify themselves and let us know where they were attending college/university. A number of schools were mentioned. About [Read More…]

Paul was Post-Tithing

Many pastors and churches preach and (less so) practice tithing — that is, giving 10% of income to the local church. There is dispute on whether you pay 10% on total income or adjusted income, and some argue that the 10% measures total giving and not just to the local church. On top of that [Read More…]

Prophetic Jesus, Prophetic Church 2

If Jesus was prophetic (and he was) then the church that follows him is prophetic (and it isn’t always what it should be). But what does it mean to be “prophetic”? For some today it means little more than being critical of social sins. Many say we have to be careful not to lose our [Read More…]