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Here comes the Borg — E-books

Did you see this? McCosh is part of an unprecedented surge in e-book sales that’s changing publishing and challenging traditional bookstores. It’s reflected on USA TODAY’s Best-Selling Books list, which tracks combined sales of e-book and print editions. The latest list, based on sales data from Dec. 26 to Jan. 1, shows a remarkable burst [Read More…]

Church Attendance Rising (guess where)

In England: ISLINGTON, LONDON, UK (ANS) — Church attendances in the United Kingdom, in freefall for so long, have started to rise again, particularly in Britain’s capital city. Numbers on the electoral rolls are increasing by well over two per cent every year, while some churches have seen truly dramatic rises in numbers, according to [Read More…]

Clutter or Create?

From Jeff Goins: Before beginning her career as a successful author and speaker, Patsy Clairmont did something unexpected. She washed the dishes. She wanted to take her message to the world, but as she was readying herself, she felt nudged to start in an unusual way. She got out of bed and cleaned her house. In [Read More…]

Pastors Unconvinced … Now What? (RJS)

The question of Adam and Eve has come up often in the discussion of the relationship between science and faith. While it has no impact for the unbeliever from the science side of the question, it is a serious issue from the Christian side of the question. We’ve discussed it at length through C. John [Read More…]

Paul was not Post-Tithing (or for everyone)

Monday our post was called Paul was Post-Tithing, and I followed through on Rodney Reeves’ fine chapter by supporting it to see where it would take us — and I did so in the comments as well. His view was that the tithe was more or less transcended or outdone by the theme of what [Read More…]

Science, Faith, Conflict and Concord

I am inclined to think those who already agree with Alvin Plantinga’s projects will think his new book, Where the Conflict Really Lies: Science, Religion, and Naturalism, quite the landmark defense of a concordist approach to science and faith, while those who don’t already agree with Plantinga will remain unconvinced. I’m in the group who [Read More…]