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History Channel Stats

These are not my stats, but a graph someone sent me… not sure if it is true, but I suspect it isn’t far from the truth. [Read more…]

Justin Bieber and Dan Kimball

From Christian Post: In a coming of age cover story photographed by Inez & Vinoodh, the soon to be 18-year-old pop singer discussed his rising fame, paternity suit controversy, and his views on faith and religion. Bieber, an unabashed Christian, is known not to shy away from his beliefs in public, seen in his candid [Read More…]

The Fantastic Vincente Fox

By Dean Nelson: Vicente Fox and his classmates wanted their 10-year college reunion to be something they’d never forget. They rented the University Club in Mexico City, one of the swankiest rooms in the city; they made sure the food was exquisite, the liquor plentiful, the cigars imported, and the women beautiful. They wanted to [Read More…]

Science, Evolution and the Bible

Pete Enns is dead-on with this one: the issue has much more to do with what we think the Bible is than what the Bible says (in its context): Why is there such tension between evangelicals and evolution? The real problem isn’t evolution. There is a deeper problem: evangelicals tend to expect from the Bible [Read More…]

Mabanteneni Appeal

For about a month out of every year, “peace on earth, good will to men” escapes our lips and our wallets with an almost unconscious ease. Christmas and New Year charity resolutions. It’s just what we do. The New Year’s resolution may lead us to open doors, to pay for the guy behind us at [Read More…]

Mabanteneni Update 1

Some of you will know that Jesus Creed supports the orphaned children in Swaziland at Mabanteneni Carepoint. We would encourage you to begin 2012 thinking about if maybe you might be prompted to help these poor children. The following post is written by the good folks at HopeChest … and we thank them for administrating [Read More…]

Prophetic Jesus, Prophetic Church 3

If Jesus was prophetic then the church that follows him is prophetic. That means, first, that the church listens to, is empowered by and is confident in the Spirit of God. Johnson: “The prospect is at once thrilling and frightening.” Why? If we as a/the church learn to listen to the Spirit, we have to [Read More…]