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Barna Backs Gingrich

From Barna’s FB page: I [George Barna] am honored to announce that I have accepted the position of Co-Chairman of the national Faith Leaders Coalition for Newt Gingrich. After a lot of study, soul searching, and prayer, I felt that Speaker Gingrich is the best man for the job and I would like to help [Read More…]

Good Coffee Shop News

From Good News, and it reminds of my former neighbor’s bumper sticker: Practice Random Acts of Kindness. The main conceit of the 2000 Kevin Spacey film Pay It Forward is that if one person does a kindness for three strangers, and those three people each do kindnesses for three strangers, and so on, one person can [Read More…]

Is Barbie Back?

This set of clips from Judith Woods will take some finesse to discuss, but here we go: Is the rise of plastic surgery for women an indicator that Barbie-dom is back? Is there a woman alive over 40 who hasn’t stood in front of the mirror and pulled her brow upwards, her cheeks sideways or [Read More…]

GOP, Science, Technology Ratings

By Nicholas Thompson, who ranks the GOP candidates on the basis of their stances on science and technology. Here is the opening two paragraphs, with his rankings in order, but the ranks are each discussed at the New Yorker site: The Republican Party has often been the party of science and technology. Abraham Lincoln created [Read More…]

Testing Scripture on Creation and Fall (RJS)

Any discussion of the interface of science and scripture will eventually come to Genesis 1-3 creation and fall. The centrality of this discussion was obvious in the comments after the post on Tuesday Pastors Unconvinced … Now What? and the brief post yesterday Science, Evolution, and the Bible. Dr. John Polkinghorne gives an overview of [Read More…]

Mission vs. Mandate

I picked this post up from a pastor who gave me permission to run it here. He distinguishes our mandates from our mission. Give it a good read and we can discuss it here. For some readers of this blog, the issues that I’m about to raise aren’t on your radar, and may hardly stir [Read More…]