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Another Good Argument for Blogs

By Maia Szalavitz: Blogging is often considered self-indulgent and the Internet a threat to teenage mental health.  But a new study finds that adolescents with social problems who blog may benefit from the added social connectivity. Previous research shows that simply writing about personal misfortune can be healing— and that breaking down a traumatic experience [Read More…]

That Authority Question, That Credibility Question

The authority question, when it comes to science, often becomes charisma instead of intelligence and reason but evangelicalism is marked by ambiguity on the credibility questions. See this excellent piece by Molly Worthen: When it comes to history, many evangelicals reject the world-class historians in their own fold — such scholars as Mark Noll and [Read More…]

What to Wear to Church?

Duane Litfin weighs in on how what we wear to church reflects more than what we wear. I have lived through the days when we wore our Sunday best to now wearing blue jeans. What do you think? Does what we wear say something more? I want to suggest that church services have changed in [Read More…]

Nick Kristof is right: it begins early, in the home

Kris and I both appreciated this article by Nick Kristof: love, hugs, and family attentiveness is where it all begins and where it can all crumble with toxic stress. Moms and dads, love those babies. PERHAPS the most widespread peril children face isn’t guns, swimming pools or speeding cars. Rather, scientists are suggesting that it [Read More…]

Pure Soterian Gospel

Martin Luther, as summarized and quoted by Jaroslav Pelikan, in Divine Rhetoric (pp. 90), from Luther’s own Introduction to his New Testament: “John’s Gospel and St Paul’s Epistles, especially that to the Romans, and St Peter’s first Epistle are the true kernel and marrow of all the books.” A few sentences later he [Luther] added [Read More…]