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Jonah and the Whale

Ben Shattuck examines a history of the discussion and speculation and fictions about whales swallowing humans… An idea’s been floating around for some time that whales more than chewed people — that they swallowed them, and people might have survived in the stomach. Jonah’s story came first, and then there were rumors from the 19th [Read More…]

Pardons, Forgiveness and America’s Justice

A Christian governor, Haley Barbour, pardoned a bundle of criminals and he did so on the basis of his Christian theology of forgiveness. What he did is a tradition in Mississippi. What say you? “The historical power of clemency by the governor to pardon felons is rooted in the Christian idea of giving second chances,” [Read More…]

Adam in Genesis and Paul (RJS)

There is little doubt that a major fault-line in the integration of a Christian understanding of the world with the major findings in modern science is centered on the issue of Adam. We saw this in the response to the posts last week on Tuesday (Pastors Unconvinced … Now What?), Wednesday (Science, Evolution, and the [Read More…]

Deborah: Her Crucial Role in the Discussion

From CBE: This piece is by Dr. Nijay Gupta (MDiv , Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, PhD, University of Durham) is an author and assistant professor of biblical studies at Seattle Pacific Seminary. In his free time, Dr. Gupta spends time with his family, traveling, and eating good food. This article previously appeared on the blog of [Read More…]