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David Neff Nails It!

I love this piece by David Neff: The 150 evangelical leaders who met behind closed doors on January 14 to anoint a Republican candidate for President were wise not to have invited me. I believe that Christians have an urgent duty to engage the social, economic, and moral threats to a healthy society. That requires a [Read More…]

iPad 3 in March

From Bloomberg: Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s next iPad, expected to go on sale in March, will sport a high-definition screen, run a faster processor and work with next-generation wireless networks, according to three people familiar with the product. The company’s manufacturing partners in Asia started ramping up production of the iPad 3 this month and plan to reach [Read More…]

Professors and Students What do you think of e-books?

Professors and students, what do you think of e-book formats for course textbooks? From USAToday by Roger Yu: For a solution, the school is turning to e-textbooks. VSU partnered with Flat World Knowledge, a start-up publisher that produces exclusively written e-books with “open” content that can be modified by professors. In a trial with 14 [Read More…]

What about a prophetic word?

If Jesus was prophetic then the church that follows him is prophetic. Do you believe in a prophetic word today? Not only do you think anyone speaks prophetically today, but do you see Scripture as the prophetic word? Luke Timothy Johnson’s new book Prophetic Jesus, Prophetic Church examines these questions and probes what the church [Read More…]

Leaning into the Future

When Kris and I were living in Nottingham and Cambridge England as I pursued a doctorate, we often took notice of the youth of England — what they wore was quite noticeable. Lots of neon green hair, black leather and, well, “out of the box” attire. I remember asking a sociologist to explain what was [Read More…]