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A Jesus Conference

We will be participating in an upcoming conference that focuses on the traditional methods and criteria employed by Jesus historians. From the conveners: The thesis that drives this conference is that business as usual in Jesus studies is over.   This conference will be hosted by Lincoln Christian University (central Illinois) on October 4-5, 2012.  [Read More…]

Those Educators…

… well, I have to admit that I tire of educrats who think they know how things work when they don’t (work). So I like this piece by Michael Alison Chandler. False praise is a disease. Encouragement is important, but explaining how progress is happening is even better. For decades, the prevailing wisdom in education [Read More…]

Perry Noble Observation

From Christian Post: Is there more to say here? Like, If you are wondering if your church is missional maybe it is because it’s not? So we’ve got a good question: fill in the blank: “Your church is missional if it __________.” If you are the pastor/church leader who is running around declaring that your [Read More…]

Is There Ambiguity in the Bible? (RJS)

Chapter four of Dr. John Polkinghorne’s little book  Testing Scripture: A Scientist Explores the Bible explores the ambiguity he finds in the bible. The tapestry of life is not coloured in simple black and white, representing an unambiguous choice between the unequivocally bad and the unequivocally good. The ambiguity of human deeds and desires means [Read More…]

Tom Wright’s New Testament Translation

I’m not hearing much chat about Tom Wright’s new translation of the New Testament, called The Kingdom New Testament, but it sure does deserve careful consideration to be on your desk or chair when you read the Bible. I hope everyone gets a copy and puts it next to the Bible they are now reading [Read More…]