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Finley Grace Cheers For….

Here is our granddaughter, Finley Grace, and we are running a contest for which team she is supporting. (Hint: we are asking which team uniform she is wearing. Yes, she cheers for the Cubs. No, that is not the answer. Sorry, no prize. Yes, T, you can participate.) [Read more…]

Aaron Niequist, A New Liturgy

This post is by Kelly Dolan, who is a Chicago-area filmmaker and media producer. You can find him online at, or by following @kellydolan on Twitter. A New Liturgy Aaron Niequist’s recently launched worship project, A New Liturgy , isn’t the kind of project that’s likely going to stop churches from obsessing and debating [Read More…]

Losing It is Finding It

“It” here means life in this body and this mind. I’m reading a book by William Ian Miller called Losing It with an attempt to enter back into the early days of America with its lengthy subtitle: In which an aging Professor laments his shrinking brain, which he flatters himself formerly did him noble service: [Read More…]

America’s Theologian

There really is only one person who can be called “America’s theologian,” Jonathan Edwards. The problems are many: his writings are incredibly dense, they are demanding intellectually, they are infused with a life of thinking so they are intense, and they are expensive to buy in the Yale edition. Hence, most of us buy older editions, [Read More…]