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The Rushed FG Kick

I didn’t hear about this yesterday, but Stefan Fatsis observed it: Five minutes after Baltimore Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff pulled that relatively short, potential game-tying field goal wide left, I texted him: “I’m so sorry, Billy. Hang in there.” When it comes to missed field goals, kicker solidarity trumps journalistic propriety every time. Not to [Read More…]

Creative and Groggy

From Research Digest: Are you an evening person? Guess what? Early in the day, when you’re bleary eyed, stumbling about in the fog of sleepiness, you’re probably at your creative peak. In contrast, if you’re a morning person, then for you, the evening is the best time for musing. How come? Insight-based problem-solving requires a [Read More…]

The “Forgiveness Card”

Roland Martin excoriates GOP-evangelicalism for abandoning family values in endorsing Newt Gingrich. [Martin’s points here have to be made; but I still will contend that John King’s way of beginning the GOP primary debate on that topic was unacceptable and tainted.] Those willing to make excuses for Gingrich’s cheating on his second wife, Marianne, with [Read More…]

Paul the Pugilist

A pugilist is a fighter, and the apostle Paul was a battler. But he perceived a different battle, he was empowered for the battle in a new way, and he had a different strategy for his battling. These are the contentions of Rodney Reeves in his book Spirituality according to Paul: Imitating the Apostle of Christ. [Read More…]

Living the Prophetic Life

If Jesus was prophetic then the church that follows him is prophetic. If Jesus was a prophet, then the followers of Jesus are to embody a prophetic message in how they live. In fact, it was a characteristic of prophets to “embody” their message in actions (often called prophetic symbolic actions), actions like Isaiah lumbering [Read More…]