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iPad’s Writing Kit

Tim Maly has a sketch of a new iPad app, and I wonder if anyone here is using it. Any reports? Confession: I use an iPad and I carry it in a ClamCase — and I love it though I think the space bar on the keyboard is not as smooth as it could be. [Read More…]

Perhaps we have the more original English accent

Fascinating report from Mental Floss about the so-called English accent vs. the American accent: As for the “why,” though, one big factor in the divergence of the accents is rhotacism. The General American accent is rhotic and speakers pronounce the r in words such as hard. The BBC-type British accent is non-rhotic, and speakers don’t pronounce the r, leaving hard sounding more [Read More…]

Once More, With Feeling … (RJS)

Pete Enns has recently published a book The Evolution of Adam: What the Bible Does and Doesn’t Say about Human Origins and this means the inevitable must occur. No, not backlash, name-calling, admiration, or fawning … it is the inescapable cyber-space book tour.  As part of the now normal tour promoting his book Pete published [Read More…]

A Life and Heaven of Holiness

Jonathan Edwards was a Puritan pastor, a theologian — he was a human being enthralled with God and whose deepest yearning was for the beauty of holiness. I am reading Michael J. McClymond and Gerald R. McDermott’s The Theology of Jonathan Edwards (Oxford, 2011), and want to offer a few observations of their chps that sketch [Read More…]