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Fear vs. Anxiety

Here is a simple sketch by Joseph Ledoux of the difference between fear and anxiety: You are taking a walk in the woods ― pleasant, invigorating, the sun shining through the leaves. Suddenly, a rattlesnake appears at your feet. You experience something at that moment. You freeze, your heart rate shoots up and you begin [Read More…]

Our Cultural Divide

Charles Murray, in his WSJonline piece, observes the new cultural divides. (But I have to say that basing one’s report on de Tocqueville, no matter how much the intelligentsia read him, is spurious. There was nothing but impressions at work in that man’s work.) Still, some interesting numbers are at work today and Murray presses [Read More…]

Quantum Leap

I can think of a handful of reasons to read biographies, and in parenthesis is someone for whom that reason applies: to learn more about someone you like to read (Twain), to get the inside scoop on someone you don’t (admittedly so) like to read (Mencken), to understand the historical context and development of a [Read More…]

Want to Defend the Faith? Read this

Some people specialize in apologetics (like Lee Strobel); some apologists love to debate (like William Lane Craig); others approach the issues from subtle angles (like John Polkinghorne). Some are convinced by apologetics and become believers, while the standard observation is that Christians read the apologists and to to hear them and that apologetics then becomes [Read More…]