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Intelligent Political (Meta)Commentary

From the NYTimes by Nate Silver: During the Republican nominating contest, competing paradigms have arisen for how to interpret the evidence from polls, voting results and other tangible indicators of success or failure. The paradigms present profoundly different conclusions about the most likely outcome. One might be called “More of the Same.” It asserts that [Read More…]

Missional in Louisiana

From Wineskins, an interview by Fred Peatross of John Dobbs (who ministers [“preaches”] in Monroe LA): Fred: Can you give me your perspective on what a missional church would look like. John: A missional church may not be recognized so much by it’s Sunday service as it’s Monday – Saturday services. The assembly is affected [Read More…]

Why Would a Scientist Believe the Virgin Birth? (RJS)

Most Christians have a deep appreciation for the scriptures, both the Old Testament and the New Testament. Many of our disagreements, especially the most heated discussions of science and faith arise because we respect and wrestle with scripture as inspired by God. As Paul tells Timothy, the scriptures are able to make us wise for [Read More…]

Worldly Leadership in the Church

Wade Burleson, one of the sauciest bloggers in the church world, has a post on creeping authoritarianism in the church. I heard from a friend recently that a leader said leadership is “imposing your will on a group,” and that is precisely what Wade is holding up before the searching light of our Lord and [Read More…]