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Google Privacy Policy

Google has a new privacy policy, some people are concerned, others are not, but I’m wondering who has looked into it and has something to tell us. What do you think? An invasion of privacy? From what I can tell Google is now indexing wherever we are using one of their services so they can [Read More…]

Saturday Book Review: Anna Rapa

This review is from Ted Gossard, who blogs at Jesus Community. As one raised close enough to the evangelical tradition, later embracing it, and still evangelical as to its core conviction of seeing the gospel as somehow front and center through Jesus in the work of God, evangelism has always been considered somehow central as [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings

Kathy Keller reflects on Christians marrying non-Christians — worth a good read. Ann Voskamp: “There’s a whole lifetime of memories here at the lake and how many Sunday picnics of fried chicken have we had right up there at the lighthouse? She’d serve extra helpings of green coleslaw and I’d pump the swing high and [Read More…]