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Teenagers, Now Understood

Alison Gopnik: “What was he thinking?” It’s the familiar cry of bewildered parents trying to understand why their teenagers act the way they do. How does the boy who can thoughtfully explain the reasons never to drink and drive end up in a drunken crash? Why does the girl who knows all about birth control [Read More…]

When Was Genesis Written … And Why? (RJS)

The Evolution of Adam: What the Bible Does and Doesn’t Say about Human Origins by Peter Enns is not yet another science and faith book, after all Enns is not a scientist. His greatest scientific achievement so he says in his Huffington Post column: The best explanation for it [human origins], geneticists tell us, is [Read More…]

You are Witnesses

When early in the book of Acts Jesus tells his disciples that they are to be witnesses, the entire Gospel of Luke and the mission of Jesus come crashing down on that one word: witness. To witness to Jesus is the mission of the church. Remember this theme: If Jesus has a prophetic mission, and [Read More…]