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A Young Reader

One of our readers sent me this: his daughter has evidently taken a liking to King Jesus Gospel! [Read more…]

GroupThink and Testosterone

From The Wellcome Trust: OK, this seems sound to me, but what are we going to do? Inject testosterone or oxytocin, depending on need? Problem solving in groups can provide benefits over individual decisions as we are able to share our information and expertise. However, there is a tension between cooperation and self-orientated behaviour: although [Read More…]

Women’s View of Women

From Halee Gray Scott: But rivalry among females is not limited to sexuality. Sometimes our negative reactions towards other women are much more subtle. Anytime there is scarcity, there is a potential for derogatory attitudes that undermine the potential achievements of women, and nowhere is the principle of scarcity more at play than in Christian [Read More…]


I was distressed over some stuff Macdonald and Driscoll recently said, and many of you wrote and asked what I thought. I did write one post but then, after showing it to a few friends, thought it wasn’t right. Then John Piper used his opening remarks at his Desiring God Conference to make claims about [Read More…]

Edwards, Some Big Ideas

At the heart of worship, at the heart of Christian living, at the heart of prayer, at the heart of church history — at the heart of all creation — is beauty, and that beauty emerges from a beautiful and glorious God. What we experience of beauty is because God is beauty. So, when McClymond [Read More…]